How to Get Rid of Tannins in Aquarium?

Hey young aquarists! Have you seen your fish tank water turn brown? This might be due to tannins. But don’t worry! We are going to find out how to make your water clear again!

Tannins are organic compounds that can leach into the water in aquariums, typically released by driftwood, leaves, or certain types of substrates. While tannins are generally harmless to fish, they can discolor the water, giving it a tea-like appearance.


What Are Tannins?

Are Tannins Good For A Fish Tank? – Easy Care Aquariums

Tannins are like tea that comes from wood. They can make your aquarium water look like tea. They aren’t bad for your fish, but they can hide the beautiful colors inside your tank.


Where Do Tannins Come From?

Tannins usually come from driftwood. Driftwood makes your tank pretty but also releases tannins. New decorations or certain substrates can also add tannins to the water.

How to Remove Tannins?

Let’s dive into how to clean up your aquarium water!

1. Soak Your Driftwood

Before putting new wood in your tank, soak it in water. Change the water every day. Do this until the water stays clear. This may take a few weeks.

2. Use Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is like a sponge that soaks up tannins. You can put it in your filter. It will help make your water clear.

3. Do Regular Water Changes

Changing some water every week can lower tannins. About 20-25% is good to start with.

4. Use Water Purifiers

Water purifiers can cling to tannins and remove them. You can find them in pet stores or online.

5. Add Purigen

Purigen is a product that’s great at getting rid of tannins. You can also put this in your filter.


What to Do If Tannins Keep Coming Back?

  • Check all the decorations in your aquarium.
  • Make sure you’re doing enough water changes.
  • Replace your activated carbon or purigen when needed.
Comparison Chart of Tannin Removal Methods
Method Pros Cons Efficiency
Soaking Driftwood No cost Takes time ★★☆☆☆
Activated Carbon Easy to use Needs replacement ★★★★☆
Water Changes Good for fish Takes effort ★★★☆☆
Water Purifiers Effective Extra cost ★★★★☆
Purigen Very effective More expensive ★★★★★


Tips to Keep Your Water Crystal Clear

Here are some final tips to help you keep your tank’s water clean:

  1. Rinse new items before adding them to the tank.
  2. Check your filter regularly to see if it’s working well.
  3. Have real plants in your tank. They can absorb some tannins.

What Are Tannins In Aquarium Water?

Tannins are organic compounds, often released into aquarium water by driftwood and certain substrates, that can stain the water a tea-like color.

How Can I Remove Tannins From My Tank?

Removing tannins from your aquarium can be achieved by using activated carbon in your filter, performing regular water changes, and boiling or soaking driftwood before adding it to the tank.

Are Tannins Harmful To Fish?

Tannins are not typically harmful to fish, and some species actually thrive in tannin-rich water; however, they can lower the pH and affect water clarity.