How to Ship Frozen Fish?

Do you want to ship frozen fish to a friend or for business? We can help you. We’ll guide you on how to do it properly. Read this post to learn how to keep the fish frozen and safe.

Step 1: Choose the Right Fish

First, make sure to buy fish that is fresh and already frozen. This is to avoid food getting spoiled. Choose fish that people often freeze, like salmon or cod.

Step 2: Packaging Material

The kind of box you use is very important. Use a foam or thick cardboard box. It will help keep the cold inside. Bring enough ice packs or dry ice to make sure the fish stay frozen.

Step 3: Wrapping the Fish

Wrap the fish tightly in plastic wrap. Then, put it in a sealable plastic bag. Squeeze out the air before sealing it.

Step 4: Using Ice Packs or Dry Ice

Use ice packs or dry ice for keeping the fish cold. Warning: Dry ice can be dangerous. Wear gloves when you handle dry ice.

Step 5: Packing the Box

Put a layer of ice packs at the bottom of the box. Place the wrapped fish on top. Then, fill the remaining space with more packs. Make sure there’s no space for the fish to move.

Step 6: Sealing and Labeling

Tape the box well. Make sure it won’t open. Write “Keep Frozen” and “Fragile” on the box. This will tell carriers to be careful.

Step 7: Shipping Options

Choose a shipping service that can deliver quickly. This is often called “overnight shipping”. The faster the fish gets to its place, the better.

Step 8: Track Your Shipment

Tracking helps you know where the fish is at all times. Pick a service that lets you track the box from when it leaves to when it arrives.


Tips for Success

  • Check weather conditions: Avoid shipping during very hot days.
  • Plan ahead: Don’t ship fish close to weekends or holidays.
  • Tell the receiver: Make sure someone is there to pick up the fish when it arrives.


FAQs on Shipping Frozen Fish

Question Answer
How long can the fish stay frozen in transit? With enough ice packs, up to 48 hours.
Can I reuse ice packs? Yes, they can be frozen again and used many times.
Is it safe to ship fish internationally? Check the country’s laws first. Some have restrictions.
What time should I ship the fish? Early in the week. This avoids weekend delays.



Shipping frozen fish is easy when you know how to do it right. Follow these steps, and your fish will stay frozen and good until they get where they need to go.

Remember: Use the right box, wrap the fish well, pick quick shipping, and track your package!